First of all, the Qur’an gives us the main objective of our existence.

The Qur’an and Social Stability

How does the Qur’an relate to every and each aspect of our life? What does a heavenly book have to do with relationships, social systems? How could we return back to our true nature as humans?

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Muslims willingly offer the due amount in obedience to Allah’s commands. They pay it to the poor and the needy.

Rights of the Poor and Needy in Islam

What rights do the poor and needy have in Islam? Why are we, Muslims, entitled to pay prescribed amount of money? For the benefit of whom? Shouldn’t it be a matter of individual freedom?

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The Prophet’s Early Life Before Prophethood

By Editorial Staff Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an orphan who lived under the guardianship of his grandfather, ‘Abd al-Muttalib after his mother’s death. Few years later, his grandfather died. He, then, went to live with his paternal uncle, Abu Talib. Abu Talib used to defend Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); however, […]

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Muhammad: The First Years of His Message

Let us now approach the first years of his message. Those were years one rarely finds an equal to in the annals of history for the constancy, truth, and eminence.

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Washing the face involves “pouring

The Obligatory Acts of Wudu’ (the Ablution)

Ablution has certain components which, if not fulfilled according to the correct Islamic procedures, make one’s ablution void.

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Islam and the Meaning of Deen

To accept only Allah as the Lord of reward and punishment, covet no reward, fear no punishment, except His…. Islam is the name of this deen.

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He lived a life full of great manners, beautiful conduct and pleasant characteristics.

Muhammad: The Noblest of the Prophets and Messengers

He is Muhammad ibin `Abdullah ibn `Abdul-Muttalib ibn Hashim. He lived a life full of great manners, beautiful conduct and pleasant characteristics. Learn more about that…

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Parents are duty-bound to support and show kindness and justice to their daughters.

Rights of the Muslim Woman: The Daughter and the Wife

How does Islam see the woman as a daughter and a wife? What rights do they have in Islam? How has the role of women in Muslim society changed?

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Do they know the blessings they are missing out on, that they can't even read the Qur’an in the original Arabic?

Learn the Qur’an in Arabic, Get Rewarded: How?

Have you thought of learning and reciting the Qur’an in Arabic? How often have you made the intention before seeing it a daunting task? Have you heard of the rewards and blessings are waiting for you from that effort?

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The Meaning of Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah)

In this short video, there is an introduction to tawheed, belief in the Oneness of Allah, its meaning and its three categories.

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Eclipses are considered a kind of warning from Allah directed to people in order to make them turn to Allah in repentance and follow His right path.

Eclipse Prayer

Prayer is one of the righteous deeds people is recommended to perform when there is an eclipse. This sign is a warning to people to repent, pray, etc.

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The term Rajab is derived from a word that means glorification. It was so called because in the pre-Islamic period of Ignorance, Arabs used to respect and glorify this month especially the tribe of Mudar.

Taking a Closer Look at the Virtues of the Month of Rajab

There are a few sound virtues of the sacred month of Rajab. However, thare are many virtues and acts of worship that are found to be based on weak evidence.

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Religious guidance is the greatest gift that a person can possess. It is something that we do not control or own, but rather it is bestowed upon us.

Islam: Guidance to the Straight Path

Why do we plead to Allah to ‘guide us to the straight path’? What is unique about such a prayer? What is the nature of the path we are supposed to be upon?

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How to Avoid Minor Shirk?

Scholars and righteous people pay more attention to the Minor Shirk because it is hidden and this is what makes it more dangerous.

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The imam stands beside the body facing the qiblah at Mecca with the followers behind him in lines.

How to Offer the Funeral Prayer

The prayer to God for the deceased Muslim is a common collective duty, what does this mean? How is the prayer performed, and who should offer it?

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